Nope! But if you do, it will reserve your spot if the class fills up. Its also a good idea so that we can notify you if anything changes; class being subbed or cancelled, etc.

what classes are best for beginners?

Try out FOUNDATIONS, or LEVEL 1. These classes are best for learning, and the pace will allow you to keep up even if you're new! Other good classes are GENTLE (very slow-paced and accessible for all bodies), and RESTORATIVE (adult naptime!). Maybe hold off on LEVEL 2 & 3 until you've got the hang of things :) But LEVEL 1/2 might be a nice challenge!

Can I come in late?

Totally! Don't ever skip class because you're worried you'll be 10 or 15 min late. Classes commence at 5 after the posted time, and doors do lock at 15min after. We just ask that you observe the class in the back, quietly, if we are in the seated opening portion of class, and then get situated once the class starts to move. Even if we have already locked the door, as long as we have room, you're welcomed to knock lightly and join class. Again, just always be very courteous and aware of others as you join in. We understand that life happens, and that yoga helps!


There is no designated parking at the studio, so please be sure not to park in the lot in front of or behind the building. Its easy to grab free parking nearby on first street, or metered parking all around the studio! Parking downtown is FREE AFTER 6pm Mon-Sat and All day on Sundays and Holidays!

Is your studio heated?

No. We keep the temperature ambient (around 78) as to avoid injuries and allow students bodies to build tapas (internal heat) on their own easily. In Summer it gets more humid, but we observe the room and use a touch of a/c if requested.

What do I need to bring to class?

Your mat. A beverage. You. We do provide free mat rentals your first week, and charge $2 per rental after that. If you do forget a beverage and are thirsty, we have a spring water and cups. We also provide small towels if needed, and all-natural house-made mat refresher.