This is an experience designed to get you out of your head, and into your heart...we focus on development versus programming, individual expression versus uniform expectations. Our program is special, in that it asks the yogin to seek their own heart, and discover the guidance, truth, and power that lies within. The program offers the most cutting edge biomechanical information, and class sequencing methods, while remaining heart-centered and organic in its approach. Our program is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, and will provide trainees with a 200hr RYT Certification.

Please email our program director, Nicki at if you would like curriculum info, or would like to set up a meeting to discuss your interest in the training. If you are ready to register now, you can do that by clicking HERE.

 PROGRAM FORMATS ~ We offer 2 different formats to choose from.

1.) WEEKENDS: One full weekend per month (Sat&Sun 9am-7pm), and a select few (3-5) other shorter meeting dates throughout the 8 months. This format allows for more reflective study, processing time, and ease of access to those with busy schedules. Next WEEKENDS Program begins Sept 2019. Early bird pricing tier of $2500 through 9/1/19. (regular tuition: $3000)


3.) WEDNESDAY EVENINGS Every Wednesday 5:30pm to 9:30pm. Next program begins Feb 2020 - Dec 2020. Early Bird pricing tier of $1500 through 9/1/19. (regular tuition $3000)

Extensive yoga experience is not needed to join, as the program will speak to teachers of many sorts and all those interested in various movement modalities. This is an experience to revolutionize the way in which we work with our body, and our inner world to align, and step more fully into the current of our own grace, and power. The work we do will also be incredibly HEALING, and offer students a way to clear pain for themselves and those they work with, as well as offer insights into accessing asana and other movements that once seemed out of reach.

Nicki has been using skillful alignment technology in her asana and her inner work since 2010. She blends the beautiful intelligence of Anusara Yoga, Tantric Philosophy, and Ayurvedic Principles with her own cultivation of body/mind awareness to offer playful, precise, and transformative experiences in her work.


If you desire to deepen your understanding and experience of yoga, yoga lifestyle, and yoga community, this is the ideal way in which to scaffold that process. If your aim is to teach, that is wonderful, but it is certainly not the main reason that most yogis take up this life-changing journey. More than anything, this is about uncovering the beauty of who you are and how yoga can help you step more fully into living that. If you DO intend to teach (or ultimately decide to) our training will offer you a community, and practitioners, to support and prepare you to lead others with skill and heart. 


Fall 2019: $3000 if paid in full by the start of training, and $3250 if paid in payments over the course of the training. *Fall ‘19 Early Bird pricing tier is $2500 through 9/1/19* ~ ONE SPOT LEFT ~

Winter 2020: $3000, and $3250 if paid in payments over the course of the training. *Win ‘20 Early Bird pricing tier is $1500 through 9/1/19*

Already a Yoga Teacher? Join our program at 50% off the regularly-priced tuition and learn the most recent bio-mechanical info, as well as in-depth philosophy and ayurveda, rarely offered in 200hr programs! 

BMWY often hires YTTs from its training program. If you are interested in teaching for a studio that is highly education/personal growth/community driven, we may be a great fit for each other <3

Included in your tuition are: BMWY studio class practice, private studio access for practice, one 45min private session. Space is limited to 12 students per section. The non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot is $500. CLICK HERE to pay only your deposit at this time. If you would like to attend but have any concerns about the financials please email us as we do offer a limited amount of partial scholarships.

We are truly honored to be considered for your yoga journey into teaching, and excited to support and serve you in that transformation! <3


Weekend Schedule for

Fall 2019:

Sept 21/22

Oct 26/27

Nov 23/24

Dec 14/15

Jan 11/12

Feb 8/9

Mar 7/8

April 18/19

Fall 2019 Early Bird pricing:

~ $2500 thru 9/1 ~



What are trainees saying about their experiences in the BMWY YTT Program...

 "Truly an eye-opening and soul-awakening experience. I couldn't have imagined a better teacher than Nicole to lead the group and myself...I joined a group of strangers to deepened my yoga practice, and ended up a better version of myself with a group of yogis I could call my friends!" ~Lilly C. (Winter '17 Program)


"This is a warm, comprehensive, well planned presentation of the complexities of the practice of yoga. I learned things in this school, in an organized way, details of yoga learning and practice that I did not learn in 2 previous schools.  I recommend this school for training of any serious student of yoga. You will be treated warmly, with sincerity and interest and wisdom and be offered a broad spectrum of training. I am grateful to have had this experience. " ~Marti S. (Winter '17 Program)


"My favorite thing was that we were encouraged to develop our own teaching styles, and were not forced to do everything the same way Nicole does. I can't believe how confident I am in my own abilities and knowledge of teaching yoga already, and Nicole empowered me to forever continue to learn. This wasn't just a training for us, it was a place to be challenged, developed, and supported as a person, yogi, and teacher." ~McKenna (Winter '17 Program)


"I appreciated the variety of expertise contributed by the guest teachers chosen, culminating in a comprehensive learning experience. Nicole made herself very available as my mentor, and allowed me to progress at my own pace." ~Kristin P. (Winter '16 Program)


Am I ready to join a YTT Program?....

The simple answer is, "Yes." If you are seeking, then you are ready. Every yogins journey is very unique, and parameters cannot be applied to when one is "ready." The best indicator is a deep desire of the heart, and an immense pull to deepen your practice. There are no amount of practice hours, or physical prowess that are indicative of a fruitful and successful YTT truly is your hearts desire that is the best information for your path.

Who is BMWY's Program designed for?

Everyone. Joining a program with us will give you the richness of diversity that yoga best flourishes in. We strive to admit trainees who are of vastly different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. There truly is NO BETTER environment than diversity to root into the teachings of yoga, and to more clearly discover your own individual truth in all its beauty. In one training we have had a students who were 21yrs old and 74yrs young. A single mother of 4 in grad school, and a newly wed who recently graduated from undergrad. An athiest, a buddhist, a jew, and a christian. And the most beautiful shades of skin gracing the sacred circle we make. A middle aged man with an incredible story of recovery, and a young man still enrolled at UofM. Not to mention two red heads in the same training!

We want you to see yourself in each other, the self that exists beyond the differences. And we encourage you to see the magnificent gifts of our differences just as importantly. BMWY is very aware of the white-washing of yoga, and the elite culture it creates around socioeconomic statuses, and the intimidating body image messages that some yoga cultures propagate. We are aiming to be one of the programs that empowers the full spectrum of our existence to deliver their yoga to others, to uphold its ethics, and be the true face of our beautifully diverse life on this planet. You belong in yoga. There is a place for YOU, just as you are. Never to soon, never too late...