BLUE MOON WILD was first opened as The Yoga Republic in June of 2014. As the studio vision grew with the many changes that have occurred in the global yoga community, and especially here in A2, we decided it was time to offer it a re-birth into that vision. However, our heart-centered yoga community really began back in Nov. 2010 as the founder, Nicole Teufel, began holding classes in A2!

One core philosophy of our studio is SUPPORT. This studio is an offering of not only asana (yoga postures), but of a band of different types of people who all share a love of yoga, and who can each feel that they are "coming home" when they arrive. Being a yogi can be amazing! And it can also be can be can be scary...and it can be a great challenge to follow the path of yoga off your mat when those around you are not. That is why it is so important to take refuge (and playtime!) in a yoga community that knows these things! We are here to support you on your journey and to celebrate all of your small and magnanimous successes, inner AND outer! 

We all have a unique light within us, and we all have the ability to shine it brightly into our lives and the world. The foundation of this studio and community is to offer you the tools and support to shine your individual light most brightly...we all have an offering, a purpose, and a dream. Yoga is one powerful path to developing that, and we are here to show you how! 

At BLUE MOON WILD you will heal, you will be challenged, you will be uplifted, and you will grow along with us.

♥  Love!