Meet The Teachers

Studio Owner, Hatha Hybrid Yoga Teacher, & Wellness Coach

Studio Owner, Hatha Hybrid Yoga Teacher, & Wellness Coach

Nicole Teufel (Nicki)

Nicki's classes are highly alignment-based and spiritually centered. She enjoys leading fiery practices as well as softer more mindful classes. 

Her teaching philosophy is rooted in a deep belief that students are powerful beyond their imaginations and that yoga can help them step into that power more fully! She uses the a wide offering of yoga practices in most of her classes, including meditation, mantra/chanting, pranayama (breath-work), and blends of several different expressions of asana (poses). Nicki has been certified with Yoga Alliance since May 2010. She earned her E-RYT in 2014. Anusara Yoga and Sianna Sherman are two of her biggest influences as well as Ayurveda and her mentor teacher, Natalie Piet. More recently, as of September 2016, Nicki's greatest teacher entered her life...her first child. Mama life is wild and beautiful, and a path Nicki has come to know as the highest yoga she has ever practiced.


Vinyasa Hybrid Yoga Teacher

Carol Ann Manown

Carol has a soft and kind presence to her, and this carries into her teaching. She enjoys getting her students sweaty, but creates an atmosphere of ease and softness as she does!

My name is Carol Ann and my journey in yoga started about 6 years ago when I was welcomed in to the Yoga Shelter community. I was drawn to the amazing people who allowed me to open my mind to not just the movements of yoga but the deeper connections you make within yourself. As a previous dancer for 16 years I naturally love immersing myself in music and movement.  Once I was unable to continue dance, yoga became the perfect way for me to express myself. After taking the Life and Teacher training with the Yoga Shelter using Vedanta philosophy, I acquired my teacher certification in Sanga Yoga. Shortly after I was introduced to Nicole who taught me Anusara. This style of yoga opened my eyes to incorporating alignment in my practice. Now I am able to create a practice that connects the body, mind, and breath with loving support.

                                    ~BMWY Teacher Since June 2014~

Hatha Hybrid Yoga Teacher

Hatha Hybrid Yoga Teacher

Mai Hitotsuyanagi

Mai creates a safe, yet lighthearted, environment for her students through the use of clear alignment and playful instruction. She also enjoys offering skillful adjustments to allow her students to get more out of their poses! 

Mai's yoga journey started her senior year of college when she took a course on Yoga and fell in love with the philosophy and practice. She earned her teaching certification in the Fall of 2013 in Portland, OR. Since her teacher training she has studied with Todd Tessen, Natalie Piet, Nicki Teufel, Meghan Slattery , Sianna Sherman, and Meghan Currie.  Mai's classes are alignment based and are linked with the breath. Her slow and mindful movements help students delve deeper into their mind/body connection. She has been teaching since completing her teacher training and her passion is to share the strength, happiness, and stillness that yoga has to offer. Mai's playful nature is welcoming to students of all levels. She holds the belief that everyone is capable of anything with the right time and effort and that belief translates in her classes. As a student first and a teacher second, Mai believes that she is continuously learning from her students and is eternally grateful for the opportunity to teach and welcomes everyone to join.
                                     ~BMWY Teacher Since February 2016~

Hatha Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Counselor

Hatha Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Counselor

Lauren Tatartsky

Lauren most loves connecting with her students! She leads her classes with a light-hearted, honest, and open energy. Her teaching focuses on breath and alignment paired with powerful messages of self-compassion, spiritual growth, and body wisdom. 

Lauren relocated to Ann Arbor from Denver in the fall of 2016 and feels honored to be part of the Yoga Republic team! She has been teaching yoga since June, 2010 after completing her 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher training. Since that time, she has gone on to completed training in "Yoga for Healing," Prenatal Yoga, and additional Hatha Yoga training. She is passionate about the way yoga guides us into a new and powerful relationship with our bodies and she excels at clear alignment cues for all levels, ensuring that her students find the way a pose works for their unique body. Aside from yoga studio settings, Lauren also offered classes for a retirement community and a juvenile detention center. 

Lauren has a Masters in Spiritual Guidance from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and offers one-on-one spiritual counseling and transformational group workshops.
                              ~BMWY Teacher Since January 2017~