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Blue Moon Wild

 440 S Main St,
Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

734.330.9405 /

     ~Entrance is on back of building~


Where Can I Park?

Currently, there is no parking at the studio.

Street parking  is free after 6pm and on Sundays/holidays.

Parking structures within one block of the studio:
Williams St between Main St & 4th.
Library Lane Parking Structure


Ask BMWY!...

Ask us a Q that you would like to see answered in our weekly Hridaya Notes to the community.

-Ask about a teachers favorite pose.

-How one of us found the studio

-What led us to teaching yoga

-What are our biggest challenges in practicing yoga off the mat

We'll answer *almost*ANY Q you want to ask :) We love this idea because it lets us connect to you guys more, and to also share that with the BMWY community. Questions will be posted just with initials, but no name, so dont be shy and ask away! ;)

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