Blue Moon Wild offers a diverse schedule of classes for all levels of practice.

ALL classes are alignment-based, and taught by seasoned instructors. We call the style offered at BMWY a Hatha-Flow Hybrid, as it incorporates the elements of Anusara (Iyengar roots), and Vinyasa (Ashtanga roots) both. You may also feel elements of Jivamukti and Kundalini in some classes. Here, we are all continual students, and as we learn more, we evolve and incorporate that knowledge to offer the most well-designed classes possible for our community. As knowledge evolves, so do we, yet keeping to the beautiful traditions of the practice in order to reap those deeper benefits. BMWY teachers work as a team to offer our expertise in a streamlined, and digestible way across all classes. Any class and any teacher will help you to build upon the previous one in a cohesive way.

*We are not hot/fast/loud/dark. You will not be distracted from your body. You will be drawn into it.*

  • Most class instruction is accompanied by uplifting, inspiring, and eclectic music.

  • The classes below are numbered to indicate their "intensity level" (1 being the least intense and 10 most). This does not correspond to level of expertise or what distinguishes a "beginner class" but rather, the intensity you can expect from the practice.

  • Foundations, Level 1, 2, & 3, all have a class focus each session, which the class is designed around. For example, things like (but not limited to), Hip-opening, Muscles Energy, or Handstand may be a focus and would correspond to the theme offered that day.

  • All classes include a full practice offering of breathwork, asanas, and meditation. Some classes include a small amount of mantra (chanting).



 Beginning & REFINING ~ 60-75mins

Intensity: 3-6

This class is all about the details and going SLOW to create them! All-levels appropriate from first-timer to advanced- everyone will GROW their practice and benefit from the added attention to the minutia of the practice. This class also guides students as to how to make their asana (yoga poses) practice more mindful, and to truly CONNECT to their bodies and BREATH! Join us to uplift and elevate what you're working with.



Basics & More ~ 60-90mins

Intensity: 5-8

These classes are suitable for all levels of practice, including beginners. The poses offered will include variations to suit each student. Heavily alignment based, the students will be given clear instructions for alignment principles and encouraged to move into their highest potential. We will explore the prep-poses and/or technique to get into the primary level of one of the following: arm balance, inversion, or back-bend. We'll often use partners to do this, so get ready to have fun and meet your fellow yogis! *partner work is always optional*

z (7).jpg


Intermediate ~ 75-90mins

Intensity: 6-10

Level 2 is also a mixed-level class, that invites students to take their asana a little deeper, and to explore a more challenging side of the practice, while still being heavily supported, and offering variations. This class is designed (but not limited to) the yogin who is already familiar with the core postures in yoga, and has a fair to strong understanding of healthy and empowering alignment principles. The pace will usually move more quickly at first to generate a strong flow of energy and connection to the body, and then move into longer holds for standing poses, and twists. We will also use this time to explore the Level 2 syllabus of arm-balancing, hip-opening, inversions, and back-bending! Class will offer a 10-15 minute technique breakdown, and possible partner-work (always optional) to gain a stronger awareness and working knowledge of a chosen pose.



Challenging - 75-90mins

Intensity: 7-10

We offer this class for the students who know how to create the alignment that we instruct in levels 1 & 2 and who want more freedom. In this class your instructor may call out your poses and allow you to create the alignment without the basic ques, and then give upper-level cues to bring you into deeper embodiment and variations on poses. This class is designed for the yogin who is already familiar with core postures in yoga, and has a fair to strong understanding of healthy and empowering alignment principles. The pace will usually move more quickly at first to generate a strong flow of energy and connection to the body, and then move into longer holds for standing poses, and twists. We will also use this time to explore more playful upper-level arm-balancing, daring hip-openers, fear-fighting inversions, and heart-alchemizing back-bends! In other words – more play time! You DO NOT need to be able to perform these upper-level asanas, but rather, to simply be curious and committed to EXPLORING them to whatever capacity you find that day!



slow & EASEFUL ~ 60mins

Intensity: 2-3

In this class we will take it slow and easy. The poses will still strengthen chosen muscle groups but the pace and posture choice will be very gentle. Select posture holds will be longer. Focus will be given to careful, mindful alignment of poses. This class is great for beginners and also for those who would like to take it easy or have physical sensetivities/limitations.



deep r&R ~ 45mins

Intensity: 1-2

The class begins with a guided centering and pranayama (breathwork). We begin with some gentle warm-up postures to move the spine a bit. The body of the class is filled with nourishing restorative poses that allow you to unwind from the week. These poses will be held a much longer to allow the body to fully ease into them, and they are all supported fully by props. We may sit for a final guided meditation before entering a soothing savasana.

prenatal vrksasana.jpg

Prenatal (Special Registration)

*Current 6 week Series runs mid-Sept thru Oct*

Fridays 5:00pm-5:45pm

45 mins

Intensity: 2-5 (Varies by objective)

Designed especially for the mama-to-be's! Some of you are seasoned yogis desiring to continue your practice as your body changes, and some of you are brand new to yoga, beginning a practice to better prepare your body for birthing and to support your body during this special time! This class offering will be supportive, informative, nourishing, and relaxing. ALL stages of pregnancy are welcomed.

***If you arrive and we are in the opening/centering part of the class, please quietly have a seat in the back of the studio and wait to change, set out your mat, etc until we have begun to move!***



Class FAQ

Can I come in early?

Yes! Our door will be open 15 minutes before the start of class. 

We encourage you to arrive early so that you can settle in, change clothes, etc.

Do I need to sign-up online before class?

No, online sign-up is not required, but highly recommended to guarantee you a spot in the class.

Signing up keeps you notified of any changes that may occur.

The online system does require you to have a current active yoga package to reserve spots.

Where can I park?

Currently, there is no parking at the studio.

Street parking  is free after 6pm and on Sundays/holidays.

There are two parking structures within one block of the studio. One is on:
 Williams St between Main St & 4th.
Library Lane Parking Structure

Do I need to bring a mat?

Please bring your yoga mat if you have one.

There are loaner mats at the studio that can be provided for free your first week.

After your first week there is a $2 mat rental charge per class.

* We highly recommend Jade Yoga Mats if you are looking to purchasing one!

**Jade mats can be purchased at the studio.